Akozz and Aszar

Akozz and Aszar is the longest-going and most memorable campagain i’ve ever DMed, taking the characters from level 2 to (until now) 19 in D&D 3.0/3.5, and currently i’m mixing in some elements from D&D 4e to make DMing easier for me…

It all started when two guys from the Realms were spat out from portals, bumping headfirst into each other. Heads spinning, they found themselves in a strange place they later found out was called Sigil, on top of a tower covered in the strange bladelike plant called razorvine. They climbed down over the roofs of the city, and suddenly broke through the ceiling of a small house belonging to a certain aasimar girl…

The Party:

  • Akozz, Tiefling Scion of Damh and Tumbling Sneaker-Duelist
  • Aszar, Yuan-Ti-Tainted Tashalan and Planar Champion
    • Snakebane, Intelligent Size-Changing Scimitar, Terror of Serpentkind.
Support Cast:
  • Bellarian, Waterdhavian Portal-Traveler and Cloud-Leaping Master of Blades
  • Darnael, Sigilian Swordmage and Friend of the Elves of the High Forest

Akozz and Aszar